How old do I have to be to race on track?

From 16-years old you can get your license to race on the circuit, you don't have to have a driver's license.

  Can anyone get a license?

Anyone over the age of 15 can obtain a racing license in our country if you pass the theoretical and practical tests.

  Do I have to be a trained athlete to race?

A good basic condition is requiered in order to to do motor sport. Motor sport requires a lot of concentration and driving a racing car can’t be compared to driving in normal traffic. So, cycling or walking is certainly not bad.

  Driving the 24 Hours of Zolder, is that an utopia for someone who has never went karting?

Certainly not, you can get your license and be at the start of the Limburg classic if you have a full course from QSR Racing School and a good exam.

  What about my guests, if I have sponsors?

QSR Racing School also takes care of your VIPs in the best conditions. Actually, you only have to bring your good mood and your license with us;

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